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Developing Digital Environment of EAEU

13 / 07 ‘16

7 July 2016 the first meeting of the EEC Steering Group on EAEU Digital Environment Development was held in Moscow.

The meeting presided by Karine Minasyan, Member of the EEC Board (Minister) for Internal Markets, Information Support, Information and Communication Technologies, brought together representatives of the relevant public authorities, business community, scientific and academic community of the EAEU member states. Konstantin Mikhailenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Seldon Co., and Savva Belonogov, Director for Technologies and Software of Association of Electronic Trading Platforms, took part in the meeting as part of the expert community of Russia.

The meetings participants noted that development of the EAEU digital environment shall further regional integration and facilitate elimination of barriers and restrictions. Consolidation of the member states’ efforts and coordinated digital transformation of their economies shall bring closer the EAEU objectives of strengthening the member states’ economies, reaching the trade balance and ensuring fair competition.

The members of the Working Group suggested considering holding a number of seminars in the EAEU member states to share views and experience in digital transformation of national economies.