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6th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

30 / 06 ‘16

28-30 June 2016 the 6th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum took place in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, China.

Promoting cross-border e-commerce for sustainable and inclusive social and economic development headlined the forum discussions.

29 June 2016 a session of presentations and panel discussions was officially opened by Alan Bollard, Executive Director of APEC Secretariat. In his welcome to the Forum participants Mr Bollard emphasized that e-commerce had already become an essential part of the global trade. «With support from the governments the ever-growing e-commerce provides opportunities for SME to integrate into the global trade and economic system», Executive Director of APEC Secretariat was quoted by the Xinhua News Agency.

Wang Bingnan, Deputy Minister of Commerce of China, in his turn, ensured that the Government of China seriously consider the e-commerce development and actively participates in promoting e-commerce through adopting relevant legislation and industrial criteria.

The second day of the Forum featured a senior officials panel discussion which looked for solutions ensuring inclusive participation of economies in the global economic processes driven by the transformation of international trade related to the fast developing cross-border e-commerce. The panel discussion brought together Yao Guanghai, Deputy Director of CIECC, Won-Ho Choi, Executive Managing Director of E-Biz Service Group of KITA (South Korea), and Virginia Cram-Martos, Director of Economic Cooperation and Trade Division of UNECE. The experts were unanimous in admitting that apart from developing rules and regulations for e-commerce, no less important is to build up adequate infrastructure which shall rely on the analytical assessment of the factors influencing e-commerce development.

The event further offered a forum for a number of sessions featuring e-commerce as a source of new opportunities for SMEs’ participation in global economy, data protection and privacy protection in the era of Big Data, transformation of traditional logistics and traditional customs procedures, as well as featuring e-commerce as an instrument brining forward a new era of economic relations, i.e. the Electronic Economy.

Iliia Dimitrov, Ombudsman for E-Commerce, Executive Director of Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (Russia), in his presentation on «Global E-Commerce Development 2030: a View from Russia» spoke on the prospects of e-commerce development to build up the Electronic Economy. «Due to the fast developing technologies and fast growing markets, the volume of e-commerce has increased considerably in the past decade. At the moment B2B is the leading sector, the B2C e-commerce developing at a fast pace. The 2013 figures for the global B2B e-trade amount to 15.2 billion USD, for the global B2C e-commerce — to 1.2 billion USD. In the future, however, the existing e-trading platforms and online shops will be drawn aside by the multifunctional and multi-industry electronic platforms, which shall determine the transformation of the world economies», said Iliia Dimitrov. It deserves mentioning that on 17 May 2016 the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted an «E-Commerce: a Step towards Electronic Economy» roundtable discussion. The experts participating in the event emphasized that promotion of e-commerce was associated with broader opportunities for SMEs no less than for large businesses, which shall have a general positive effect on development and structural

The 6th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum highlighted that working for the harmonization of the rules, requirements and regulations in the field of cross-border e-commerce it is of vital importance to work out solutions that do not merely mean to meet the one-for-all criterion, but that will offer equal opportunities for sustainable inclusive growth to each APEC economy.