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Future of procurement regulation in Russia and EU

08 / 12 ‘16

6-7 December 2016 the 2nd International conference «Antimonopoly Policy: Science, Practice, Education» was hosted by the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Antimonopoly regulation in the new age economic environment, innovation in tariff regulation and procurement, competition policy and legal regulation in the IT markets were the issues at the top of the agenda.

Deputy head of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Rachik Petrosyan, legal counsel at Public Procurement Authority of Hungary Gabriella Siffert, vice-president of Federal Administrative Court of Austria Michael Sachs, attorney general of Antitrust Authority of Brazil Victor Santos Rufino, ombudsman for e-trade in Russia, executive director of Association of Electronic Trading Platforms Iliia Dimitrov, first deputy chair of JSC «Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange» Oleg Yakubovich were among the guests of the Conference.

The foreign experts provided an overview of the upcoming amendments to the EU law on public procurement, as well as of the structure of public authorities and institutions responsible for implementation and development of the relevant state policy and protection of rights of the parties participating in public procurement in the EU.

Legal counsel at Public Procurement Authority of Hungary Gabriella Siffert noted that special regulations on innovations within the system of public procurement as introduced by the recent EU Directives prove new to the EU counties. The EU Directives provide for a special form of interaction between the state and innovation developers within the public procurement, however, implementation models are still to be established.

According to ombudsman of e-trade in Russia, executive director of Association of Electronic Trading Platforms Iliia Dimitrov, the global economy is obviously ever further moving into electronic dimension. This implies that business operations at all levels will be getting more digitalized, including those in the public sector. Intelligent solutions for public procurement work to improve efficiency of the relevant procedures. Mr Dimitrov presented the Seldon.Pro IT-solution developed by SELDON Group of Companies (Russia) in demonstration of how intelligent technologies can facilitate e-procurement market analysis and research in both public and private sectors. «Seldon.Pro will be generating customer-tailored solutions in the e-procurement market based on the real time supply and demand, which opportunity is an element and an advantage of the new age economy, i.e. electronic economy», the expert said.