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MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia

MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia (Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia) The diplomatic school of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia is the oldest and the most renowned school in Russia for preparing specialists in international relations and diplomacy. In the past six decades MGIMO-University became a large educational institution and researching centre where students are offered dozens academic disciplines in 12 educational programs such as international relations and diplomacy, regions-specific studies and world policy, international economics and commerce, international public, private and financial law, European law, political science, public and municipal administration, journalism and public relations. MGIMO-University has 8 faculties and 4 institutes. Here one can choose between 53 foreign languages taught at the University.

Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

FAS of the Russian Federation is an authorized agency of the executive power in charge of adoption of legal texts, control and supervision over observance of market competition laws, protection of the competition on the financial services market and support parties of the natural competition and advertising. In addition to these functions the FAS controls whether orders for supplying goods, execution of works and rendering services meeting state and municipal needs are placed in accordance with the Russian legislature and observes foreign investments in Russia.

Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX)

The main mission of the Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange is development of a well-organized market for primary goods, concentrating demand and supply at one place and formation of objective prices for the basic primary goods. A correct organized commodity exchange builds up a system of guarantees securing fulfillment of orders, enhances liquidity of a commodity market and consequently rise of popularity and confidence to the organized marketing within the exchange infrastructure. SPIMEX is an institute with a right of a legal entity forming a wholesale market due to organizing and regulating exchange trade in form of electronic trading carried out at a prearranged place at a set time in accordance with set rules.

Moscow Stock Exchange (MSE)

Moscow Stock Exchange (MSE) was established in 1997 to create and develop organized market of securities and other financial instruments, as well as exchange-traded commodities through a single system of trading. The array of founders includes about 100 Russian companies which are professional market makers. MSE is one of top three Russian exchanges (after Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and Exchange Russian Trading System) and the largest commodity market in Russia. The MSE offers following services: organizing and conducting of government tenders and auctions; providing information on tenders and auctions; providing assistance in the preparation of bids, consultation; providing assistance with placing orders for commodities delivery, execution of work, rendering of services for government and municipal needs.

Sberbank — the Automated System of Tenders (Sberbank-AST)

In accordance with Direction of the Russian Federation Government Number 755-r dated the 1st June 2009 the Closed Joint Stock Company Sberbank — the Automated System of Tenders (CJSC Sberbank-AST) is appointed one of the three institutions entitled to holding of open auctions in electronic form to place orders for commodities delivery, execution of work, rendering of services for government and municipal needs. The CJSC Sberbank-AST electronic platform is intended for placement of governmental and municipal orders and works in accordance with Federal Law Number 94-FZ «On Placement of Orders for Suppliers of Goods, Performance of Works, Rendering Services for State and Municipal Requirements» dated 21st July 2005.

Electronic Trading System Fabrikant.ru

The Electronic Trading System is an operator of the Trading System of the same name (Trading System Fabrikant.ru) which makes possible to carry out online the whole complex of tender procedures of buying or selling commodities, execution of work, rendering of services. The System provides purchasing for needs of energetic industry, industry, shipbuilding and engineering industry. The contract volume in the period from year 2006 till 2010 exceeds 105 billion Rubles.

The Common Electronic Trading Platform for Young Businessmen (CETPYB)

The Common Electronic Trading Platform for Young Businessmen (CETPYB) is a project of the Moscow government with the goal of supporting young businessmen. ETPYB gives support young businessmen to enter a bid on the electronic trading platforms where Moscow government places order while simplifying the registration formalities. Orders for commodities delivery and rendering of skilled/unskilled services up to the amount of 300.000 RUB are placed on the CETPYB.

The Common Electronic Trading System B2B-Center

The Common Electronic Trading System (CETS) B2B-Center consolidates all B2B («business for business») trading systems developed by the Open Joint Stock Company «Economics Development Center». Nowadays B2B-Center consolidates 20 trading platforms of different industries among which are energy sector, civil aviation, petrochemistry, metallurgy, pulp-and-paper industry.

Auction competition house

“Auction competition house” – electronic trading platform www.A-K-D.ru – conducting any types of trading procedures (competitions, auctions, reverse auctions, request for quotation, open invitation to tender, tenders).

www.A-K-D.ru is a useful tool for increasing sales and saving when making procurement.


Nestle is one the biggest companies producing foodstuff and drinks, expert in the sphere of healthy eating and way of life. Credo of “Nestle” is to make life better offering to customers only high-quality and wholesome products.

To date “Nestle” is a leader in the Russian market of instant coffee, cocoa, infant food, cookery, breakfast cereal, quick-cooking cereals, package chocolate, ice-cream and feed for pets. Long term success of “Nestle” in the Russian market was achieved due to many factors. First of all “Nestle” consolidated its positions and expanded its presence in the country due to investments into local production and industrial infrastructure, active promotion of brands as well as constant expansion and development of the national sales network.

JSC “The auction house of the Russian Federation”

The auction house of the Russian Federation is a universal trading platform which holds usual auctions and internet auctions for property selling across Russia.

Electronic trading platform JSC “The auction house of the Russian Federation” is included in electronic platforms that passed the commission in the Ministry of economic development and were certified for conducting trading for selling property of bankrupt enterprises. Software uses EDS which guarantees security and legality of conducting of tenders. Registration of customers in electronic platform is free of charge.

For users` convenience there are mobile applications for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Google Android communicators. Look for an application lot-online in Android Market and Apple AppStore.

LLC “Kommersant KARTOTEKA”

“Kommersant KARTOTEKA” (Before May 2011 “Information agency “Valaam”) is a user-friendly portal for modern businessmen which contains reliable information about participants of Russian business as well as business news and analytical materials. A subsidiary of Publishing house “Kommersant” provides the clients with information services, disclosure information services and other services that allow them to fulfill financial and economic functions. The company is a developer and rights holder of a number of unique software products.


Aladdin is the largest company exclusively focused on the protection of high-value information assets. Aladdin is an expert company specialized in security technologies and offering complex solutions for authentication and personal data protection.

The company is rapidly developing its product in order to render services to large corporate clients and government sector and is appreciated as one of the best 15 IT companies in Russia providing information security according to the CNews Security 2009: the Largest Data Protection Companies of Russia and is one of the 100 top IT companies (CNews-2008 rating) and considered to be one of the largest IT companies of the Russian Federation (according to the rating of the business weekly magazine «Expert» and of the commerce-oriented newspaper «Commersant-Dengi» («КоммерсантЪ-Деньги»). There is a steady demand on Alladin’s products and data protection solutions in several economic sectors including banking industry, government administration, fuel-energy complex etc.

Company “Activ”

Company “Activ” is a developer and producer of soft hardware of provision of information security. The company is the biggest producer of electronic keys and USB-identifiers in Russia. The company was founded in 1994.

The main projects of the company include Guardant — protection of software from illegal copying and based on electronic keys; Rutoken — personal device of access to information resources which are made in the form of USB-key chains and designed for authentication, information protection and EDS storage.

RC MIA in the Volga FD

Personnel of the organs of the interior do their best in fight against crime. Primacy of the rule of law in all fields of social life, protection of citizens’ rights and trust in police will depend on the professionalism grade, composure and courage of the MIA officials. In fight against crime, in protection of the honour, dignity and life of the citizens policemen who devoted their lives to this hard but noble cause every day show their merits.

The Solovjov-Institute of Resources’ Provision of Procurement and Marketing for Government and Municipal Needs of State University the Higher School of Economics

The Institute is the chief organization preparing specialists for state procurement and takes an active part in development and improvement of almost all legal texts concerning the placement of government orders so it considered to be a leading normative and analytic, scientific and educational centre of the state procurement and marketing system of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Center of development of competition policy and government order)

It is a unique educational and scientific agency which does not have counterparts neither in Russia nor in Europe in its quality, innovation and the level of scientific and consulting services. It is a university with a big campus in Moscow and a huge network of subsidiaries that cover the territory of the Russian Federation. The educational process is based on the principle of continuous education and provides the opportunity to study for the whole life – from 16 years old to declining years. The educational model is oriented at provision of administration qualities apart from civilian professions.

Tender Technologies Institute (InKoTech)

Tender Technologies Institute (InKoTech) was established to support organizations, companies and corporations in order to improve their management activity due to application of competitive technologies. The Institute provides support while organizing and conducting competitive goods, work and services procurement and marketing; offers customers, tender organizer and participants consulting and legal backing (including legal proceeds); develops recommendations to increase efficiency of the current procurement regulation system of an organization/corporation.

Regional Training and Info Centre of the State Procurement and Material Reserves Agency of the Government of the Kirgiz Republic

The Centre was established on the purpose to support public authorities of the Kirgiz Republic in purchasing goods, work and services and offers educational and training programs for the personnel with further certification and provides assistance and consultation, implements information technologies in state procurement system, ensures the transparence and accessibility of state procurement procedures.


www.chinabidding.org disseminates all China international competitive bidding opportunities, including all bidding opportunities of Olympics 2008, and government procurement opportunities of China, especially in mechanic & electronic products procurement, and bids for environment, energy, subway & infrastructure construction, that involving every 3 billion RMB (not less than) project. These opportunities are open to all suppliers and investors from all countries/areas, which have regular trade relations with the People’s Republic of China.

Sibirski Center Goszakaza

Siberia State Procurement Centre is a specialized institution in charge of placement of government and municipal orders. The Centre provides information, consultation and judicial support to government and municipal customers as well as commercial organizations which are prospective suppliers of goods and services for government and municipal needs.

Siberia Auction House

LLC Siberia Auction House specializes in tenders including open auctions on electronic platforms. The company was established in 2007 and successfully cooperates with governmental and municipal customers from the Altai Krai, the Altai Republic, the Novosibirsk Oblast and other regions of the Russian Federation. 2009 the Siberia Auction House invested in development of a new version of the electronic trading system which will excel in quality and amount of functions the current version and meet requirements of all user groups. They will put the new version into operation in August 2009.

The Stavropol Krai State Procurement Committee

The Committee places orders for commodities delivery, execution of work, rendering of services for government and municipal needs of Stavropol Krai with the object of ensuring efficient use of budgetary funds of the Stavropol Krai and extrabudgetary resources, giving legal and natural persons more chances to place orders and participate in tenders, developing fair competition, providing transparency and publicity of order placement and preventing corruption and other abuses in tenders.

LLC Gazinformservice

LLC Gazinformservice is the biggest company of the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation developing and producing unique information, engineering and anti terrorism security measures for gas industry companies. The Company put its products and services on other markets of Russia. Many companies of the Northwestern, Central, Southwestern, Southeast, Urals Regions of Russia are clients of the LLC Gazinformservice. The Company is a producer of solutions for information security such as security systems Blockpost, Blockhost, Efros and application-specific tools Irida.

Closed JSC ANK Technological Competence Centre for EDS

Closed Joint Stock Company ANK Technological Competence Centre develops and implements information and business security systems based on Public Key Infrastructure technologies and provides users technical support. Considering our wide practice in building a network of certifying EDS (Electronic Digital Signature) centers we are glad to offer Your company optimal solutions based on software and hardware solutions of famous Russian and foreign producer such as Aladdin, Micro soft, Oracle, RSA Security, KRIPTO-PRO. Our extensive experience of technological and judicial consulting helps us to take into consideration your business procedures and specification and offer you the right public key infrastructure.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise CentreInform (FSUE CentreInform)

FSUE CentreInform specializes in information security, certifying centers services and is a Russian information systems vendor and system integrator working at projects of state and commercial organizations, has status of a specialized communication carrier between the supervisory bodies and companies, is a renowned producer of protected graphic products and has a unique base for research works in the field of information security.

The Enterprise has affiliated branches in Russia from western Kaliningrad to east Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk. 24 brunches of the company are situated in 83 Russian federal subjects.

LLC Digital Technologies

The company “Digital Technologies” is a Russian developer and supplier of software in the sphere of cryptographic information protection. The major spheres of activity include development of cross-platform solutions in the sector of data protection, incorporation of certified cryptographic algorithms in applied and business applications, creation systems of authorization and user authentication, consulting in the sphere of usage of certified cryptographic algorithms and tools in government and commercial areas.

The company was founded on the 15th of February in 1999. Nowadays it is one of the leading companies in Russia in the sphere of development of applied programs and solution in the sector of information protection.

SIA «Imperum»

LLC SIA «Imperum» was founded in 2007 and due to the quality of offered services has taken a firm stand in the market.

Starting its activity the company offered to businessman of different areas the information only about procurement advertised in government sector and self-administration. But for more than a year the list of offered services has been expanded and now it is possible to get information about procurement advertised by businessmen. Every entrepreneur can get information on how to save money when advertising procurement and how to attract new clients participating in procurement competitions and price inquiries).

BIS Journal

“BIS Journal – information security of banks” is a special periodical about information security of banks and credit and financial organizations. It contains prompt, reliable and comprehensive information in all relevant aspects of information security of banks, instruments of information attacks and safety tools, novelties in legislation, provisions and standards, current requirements of regulators and dynamics of development of the market of integrators` offers etc.

Electronic trading platform “ELECTRO-TORGI.RU”

CJSC “Wellston” is the operator of electronic platform “Electronic trading platform ELECTRO-TORGI.RU” in conducting open trading in electronic form when selling debtor’s property in the course of procedures of bankruptcy.

During its work in the sphere of electronic trading our team has gain a lot of experience and has a number of original technical solutions in the work of the platform which allow to speak firmly about competitive advantages compared to other electronic platforms.

Europe Finance (LLC “Europe Finance”)

Europe Finance (LLC “Europe Finance”) is an independent consulting company, developer of derivative strategies for optimization of financial flows of companies of small and big business. Europe Finance offers unique solutions which do not have counterparts in Russia by uniting technologies of financial engineering of leading western hedge funds and experience of treasuries of the biggest European companies.

The company analyses business processes, develops and introduces individual derivative strategies which resolute such relevant problems as decreasing of interest rates in credits, hedging and re-hedging of currency, percentage, primary risks, removal of cash shortage, increasing of working capital and its profitability.

LLC CB “Novopokrovsky”

LLC CB “Novopokrovsky” is Russian commercial bank specializing in rending services to corporate and private clients, corporate financing and treasury operations. The bank operates on the basis of reliability, quality, honest business and considerable corporate culture. The main efforts are concentrated on carrying out balanced policy in the sphere of risk management, development of qualitative complex bank service for clients and respect of their interests, expansion of the range of bank services, introduction of innovative bank technologies, further development of material and technical basis, increasing of reliability and investment appeal of the bank. The activity of CB “Novopokrovsky”provides for continuous, qualitative and balanced growth, increasing of financial stability, consolidating positions in bank sector.

OJSC “Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange”

OJSC “Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange” was established by the government of the Republic of Belorussia in 2003 with the aim of creation of organized wholesale market of goods which is based on the principles of open pricing and open competition. About 12 200 companies including more than 2 600 non-residents from 56 countries are accredited at the Exchange.

In the electronic platform of the Exchange are held regularly trading in sections: metal production, forest products, and agricultural products. In the section of forward market there is trading with commodity futures. The Exchange is a national operator of electronic auctions for implementing government procurement.

“Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange” is a member of International association of stock exchanges of CIS and Association of future markets (AFM).

Official ETP of the government corporation “Rostech” and JSC “Transneft”

ETPRF is electronic trading platform which allows to conduct the complex of procurement procedures on-line: competition, auction, request for quotation, invitation to tender, purchase from a sole supplier.

Through electronic trading platform ETPRF the organizations of government corporation “Rostech” and JSC “Transneft” conduct their procurement including 587 organizations across Russia, 23% of the volume of released production of defence industry complex.

Self-regulated organization non-commercial partnership (SRP NP) "Progressive construction technologies”

The sphere of activity of “Progressive construction technologies” cover all 34 groups of work type which influence security of capital construction. The aim of establishing of partnership is not only to issue passes but also to create favorable conditions for developing construction business and raising security of construction sphere in general. Consolidation of the members of SRO is based on professional approach to solution of problems of building production and informative communication. The partnership is successfully collaborating with public, governmental and other bodies and organizations.

Silicon Valley Innovation Center

The Innovative Center of Silicon Valley promotes innovations in the whole world. We connect our clients and partners with companies, people and technologies which are in the center of innovations – Silicon Valley. We are experts in organization of business-programs, internships, workshops for owners of business and heads of different spheres. Speaking different languages with the world we look for and find out new directions for your business and help to implement ideas of the future in your present.